Sidonie ‎– Sidonie

Bip Bip

Format: CD [Digipak]
Label: Bip Bip Records
Catalogue: BCD020
Country: Spain
Year: 2001

Condition: New

Still sealed. Includes videoclip of "Feelin, Down' 01" on CD-Rom

01. (Ahora Entiedo A) Gene Clarke
02. Feelin' Down' 01
03. Sidonie Goes To Moog
04. Sad In My Cloud
05. Venusian Dream
06. The Sheltering Sun
07. Sidonie Goes To Varanasi
08. Groove Stars In The Nightime
09. Mode
10. Swedish Girls
11. In Da Sun
# Includes videoclip of "Feelin, Down' 01" on CD-Rom

Collections: 2000s, CD, Other Countries Artists

Category: Album, CD, New

Type: CD (Digipak)

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