Stereotypes – 1



Format: CD
LabelEarthling Records
Catalogue: 004
Country: USA
Year: 2002

Condition: New

US import. Check out the video below. I include a small sticker.

01. The Night Before
02. Redhead
03. Women In Magazines
04. Sleepover
05. Came To Say Hello
06. Knives
07. Saturdays
08. I Know Now

The Stereotypes - 1 (Earthling Records)
Las Vegas CityLife / CD REVIEWS

Those in attendance at the Double Down Saloon March 7 were treated to a bill of three indie-rock bands hailing from San Diego. While all could loosely be categorized under the "rock" banner, each displayed its own unique flavor. Having already covered headliners the Displaced in last week's issue, I nabbed CDs from the others. Opening band the Stereotypes energized the crowd, and the quintet's self released record "1" admirably captures the band's potent pop attack.

Yes, the Stereotypes share similarities with the recent garage-rock resurgence, but the band distinguishes itself with a liberal dose of pure pop songcraft. While a line of comparison can be drawn to the Strokes( with the songs posessing upbeat tempos, straightforward guitars and deadpan vocals sounding right out of a broken AM radio), the Stereotypes have a far firmer grasp of melody and succinct, yet potent arranging. "The Night Before" hammers out staccato guitar lines reminiscient of early Who with singer Johnny sounding like a much sweeter Iggy Pop. "Redhead" sports some rude power-chord riffing and catchy "woo-hoo" backing vocals and a wailing solo. " Women in Magazines" mines the pop ore to it's fullest with achingly beautiful singing and chiming arpeggios. This is were the band's secret weapon comes into play: the electric 12-string guitar; the sparkle it adds is undeniable. "Came to Say Hello" cops a feel on Rubber Soul-era Beatles, but still comes off as a great tune in its own right.

Showcasing only eight tunes, "1" is short and sweet, but an excellent pop confection with painfully good hooks and a gritty, lo-fi edge. For more info, check

Aaron Archer


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Type: CD (Jewel Case)

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