Various Artists – Heard It Through The Bovine Vol. 2

Half A Cow


Format: CD
Label: Half A Cow Records
CatalogueHAC80, promoo21
Country: Australia
Year: 1999

Condition: Stock copy

A Half A Cow compilation from 1999. Comes in a slim case. Nice price. Check out a couple of the songs below.


01. Smudge - Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra
02. Tendrils - Goat Curry
03. Bernie Hayes - Falling Over Backward
04. 2 Litre Dolby - Dead Letter Office
05. Art Of Fighting - Sliding
06. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists - Put Your Trust In Me
07. The Orange Humble Band - It Doesn't Matter
08. The Eastern Dark - Johnny & Dee Dee
09. The Missing Links - Wild About You
10. Sneeze - The Condensed Four Seezons

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