A new start and some background

by Lars Wenker March 19, 2016

So it goes. Here is my first blog post from the new shop!

It feels great as it has been a long journey since we got here. My old site (Torpedopop.com) got closed down the 2nd of December 2013 when the web hotel stopped supporting ASP. It didn't take me long to decide that all the articles and reviews I collected through the years should still somehow be available. This I felt I owed to all writers and artists involved.

PopDiggers was born. A new home but with the same purpose and aim. Then the process started to transfer all the reviews. There were much copy and paste done to get all + 1000 up. But up they are and look better than ever. I've also arranged most of the old articles. Some are already up, but many are hidden waiting to get their layout ready.

You'll find the reviews and articles at our main site: PopDiggers.com

Also the old shop was "lost" which took us where you read now. At the time of writing we have nearly 500 items for sale added. More will appear gradually. All is working great and the shops is very quick as you've noticed. 

This shop included a blog which was a nice bonus. I didn't think much of it at first but realized it could be a perfect complement to the main site where the longer articles and reviews are. 

The blog will be where the short news appear. New releases, tours, tips etc. Of course I will write about my Torpedo Records and items from the shop. But also other records/singles/CDs/DVDs/books, offers etc that could be of interest.

 I hope you'll enjoy and please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, tips etc!

Lars Wenker
Lars Wenker


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